Christmas viral game

In a calamitous sequence of events one of Santa's elves has managed to get himself marooned at the top of a giant Christmas tree. Use your skill to negotiate a path down avoiding the red hot Christmas Lights.
I get called up to many agencies to just handle the code but it was great to be given the freedom to do everything on this game. I came up with the concept, designed everything from the gameplay, the character and all the game graphics as well as programming it.

Creating games can be difficult as they need to be pitched in difficulty to encourage repeat play. I realised that in order to make accurate changes to the game I would need to build a level editor. This only took a day out of the schedule but it probably saved days in tweeking co-ordinates to get things positioned exactly as I wanted them.

It's a very tiny detail but the bit of this game that I am most pleased with is the sound that the elf makes when landing on a baubel. I recorded the sound of me tapping a wine glass and mixed this with a slowed down version of the same sound to get just the right timbre.