Jamie Oliver

Jamie's Great Britain Expandable TV

Expandable TV lets you watch additional "skills videos" interactively during Jamie's Great Britain show. This fully functional mockup demonstrated how it might work.
In order to demonstrate how the interface of Jamie's expandable tv might work on an interactive television this mockup was created using Flash Builder. I was working for my good friends Numiko on this project.

Using software on the mac (remoteBuddy) I was able to map key presses to the Apple remote to mimic a tv remote. It was also possible to control the interactive using an iPhone. At various points during the show an icon appears to let the user know that there is some bonus video material. For instance when making rabbit stew an option appears to play a video on preparing rabbits. If selected the video does not play immediately, it waits until the end of the partcular recipe and then will play automatically.

The user is able to store the videos to a special "video binder". I created a coverflow to simulate how this would work.