Erin Ward

Business Cards

Erin Ward is a successful landscape painter. Her paintings are raw and full of energy. The challenge was to create a professional set of business cards that also provided some visual clues as to her semi-abstract style of painting
Having been fortunate enough to accompany Erin to a gallery she exhibits at, I noticed how when first introducing her new work to the gallery owners she brought her pieces in one by one and spaced them out leant against the gallery walls. This gave me an idea to try and recreate this setting and use it for the front of the business card. I thought about photographing her works in situ but this would have required good lighting equipment that I didn't have.

I decided to create a room in 3D Studio Max, light it as a gallery would with many small spots, map several high quality images of her work onto polygons and then use the mental ray renderer to achieve professional ray-traced output. These were the results.