BBC Bitesize

RU Revising?

Isn't revision fun? Prove you're revising Science to your friends and family. They're only trying to help!
I have completed a number of projects for award winning agency Numiko. This project for the BBC Bitesize revision website was a particularly fun one!

Aimed at GCSE students a series of 3 interactives were produced. Each one tested students in a specific subject. The interactive shows a cluttered desk with a laptop and a mobile phone. Various friends and family contact you to make sure that you are revising. Can you answer their series of questions and prove to them that you know your stuff?

What was great about working on this job was working with such great script writing and content. The particular challenges of this job were in organising so many assets. XML was used to track the assets for each question and record the correct answers. Another challenge was adhering to the BBC's strict accessibility guidelines. Each video and audio piece required subtitling. The interactive also had to be able to be controlled just using the keyboard.