Ant Pearson Portrait shot
Ant Pearson Portrait shot

In a Nutshell

I am a Web Designer/Developer with years of experience in creating beautifully crafted websites in HTML, CSS, Flash and Javascript. I have been freelance for the past 14 years, sharing this role with that of Associate Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University where I head up the web design and interactive modules.

The Longer Version

At some point in the 80’s I convinced my dad that he could run his business on a ZX Spectrum computer - he was a market gardener - to this day it is one of the best sales pitches I have ever made! Despite this early foray into technology I didn't do much with computers for many years, preoccupied with playing in bands and studying arts based subjects.

I discovered that what really makes me tick is a combination of aesthetics and logic. I naturally gravitated into my line of work when I realised it could satisfy both these sides of my character.

I have a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from the University of York. I served my apprenticeship as a multimedia programmer with a small company in Leeds before turning freelance.

Key skills

  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • Mobile sites / Responsive Design
  • WordPress
  • Actionscript 3.0 (Object Orientated)
  • Flash game development
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Additional skills

  • Photoshop site design
  • 3D Animation
  • After Effects

Hopeless at

  • Fixing your printer